Sunday, October 18, 2009

Victory for Sam by 100 votes

Sam Wainwright won 438 votes (33.44%) - over 100 more votes than Sam's nearest competitor and enough to put him over the line for the Hilton Ward of Fremantle Council.

Official election results are here.

At a victory celebration last night, Sam told supporters that this victory was for the whole Socialist Alliance and the diverse supporters of his campaign. He was proud that this campaign had been successful while being fully open about his socialist, environmentalist and unionist convictions.

Sam is the first Socialist Alliance member to be elected to a local government position in Australia.


  1. Yay! Well done Sam! Couldn't make it last night to the party but was thinking of you. Bloody well done, proving once again, that Socialism is for the 21st Century!

  2. Woohoo! A breakthrough for Socialist Alliance and for socialism - bring on the Red West!

  3. Congratulations comrade! Brilliant. Just brilliant. :-)

  4. Hey, congratulations to Sam, Freo Socialist Alliance and all who helped your campaign on this win.

    It's very exciting. I hope we learn a lot from the experience and win some victories for the people of Fremantle along the way.

  5. Congrats Comrade Councillor Wainwright from all the Socialist Alliance comrades in the Blue Mountains. Next step the state member for Freo?

  6. Congratulations, Sam. You've done Socialist Alliance proud. Keep up the fight in council for justice and sustainability!

  7. A first in so many ways, but definitely not a last! What a win, what a monumental effort by a candidate who really put in the effort, to go and listen to the people and not just pontificate from afar via media avenues. No candidate deserved this victory more than Sam! The lessons and strategies used will put other potential SA candidates in good stead for future council electoral campaigns.

  8. Congratulations to Sam and the SA team in Fremantle.

    Linda Seaborn

  9. What goods news, congratulations Sam on a glorious win!! What do we what...CHANGE!!...when do we want it....NOW!

  10. Congratulations Sam! I've just read the news of your victory in Hilton. That is a tremendous breakthrough for Socialist Alliance in the West, and of course nationally. Our critics will once again be confounded by our successes!

    - Graham M.

  11. Another Australia is indeed possible...This breaks a drought for us and lays out the sort of advances -- moderate step by step advances -- the Alliance can make with persistence and always, always , by returning to the attack again and again.

    Sammy! Sammy! Sammy! Oi! Oi! Oi!

  12. Great news comrades! Congratulations to Sam and the whole team. At this time of political and ecological crisis, we need breakthroughs like this. From little things, big things grow!

    Ruth Ratcliffe, Adelaide Socialist Alliance

  13. Congratulations Sam and the SA team in WA. This is another significant step for the socialist movement and I am sure it heralds further advances in the near future.

  14. A well deserved victory! Congratulations Sam, Socialist Alliance and all the comrades who worked so hard to make this possible.

    Salim Vally
    South Africa.

  15. Congrats comrades! Bloody brilliant Sam! Now for a red-green council.
    Pip Hinman

  16. Well done Sam. This is truly excellent news.


  17. The result has gone viral. Congrats.

  18. Well done Sam,and congratulations to you and all your Comrades who worked so hard for such a great result.

  19. Congratulations Sam and everyone in Freo Socialist Alliance - well done!!

  20. Congratulations Sam and SA in the West,
    The beginning of a long road to putting SA and socialism back on the mainstream political map in Australia. Fred Paterson would be proud.
    All the best, comrade,
    Jim McIlroy, Sydney.

  21. Congratualtions to Sam and comrades for a brilliant result. I recall that last November when Steve Jolly re-won his seat on Yarra Council with about 29% it was hailed as the best socialist vote in more than 50 years. So now this is the best socialist vote in more than 50 years.

  22. Congratulations to Sam and all the supporters of his campaign.

    Jonathan Strauss, Cairns

  23. Madonna MulhollandOctober 18, 2009 at 7:35 PM

    A strong and worthy result Sam. W.A deserves honest and earnest leadership. Freo has wisely chosen the best person for the job.
    Cheers to Sam,the tireless supporters and comrades everywhere.Hooray!

  24. Well done Sam. Serve with passion and integrity!

  25. Fantastic well done everyone who helped! Shows people want to be more involved in their Govt when they are offered decent alternatives and educated about the system.

  26. Onya Sam! The beginning of the Red tide. Historic victory for people power. Congrats to all WA comrades,
    Margaret in Brisbane

  27. Congrats all the way from Hanoi Sam!

  28. Congratulations from the SSP in Scotland. Good news in tough times.

  29. It is great to see Sam win a position where he can be trusted to do the best for the community and for the world. He certainly has worked hard and his smile is sincere. Cheers comrade. Kerry Mulholland.

  30. Nice one Sam and the SA comrades in WA :) Very inspiring for us here in the Illawarra! Cheers from Will

  31. Congratulations on a grassroots Socialist victory, Sam.

    Socialist activitism starts at local level and its about time efforts are concentrated here, in WA.
    For too long it has been about what is happening overseas. The class-war is here people, wake up!

    Kevin Bettridge

  32. Great to see such a good result for Sam. Comrades in Socialist Worker NZ were very impressed! Kia kaha (stay strong),

    Bronwen Beechey, Auckland NZ.

  33. Wow, congratulations Sam. I have always admired your hard work. Your success is an inspiration. This wonderful news has made my day!

  34. Exciting, inspiring stuff. Congrats to the comrades in Fremantle :-)

  35. Fantastic Sam, your calling has just begun, the people from Hilton are the big winners here!

  36. Sam, you made my year! Good on you and all your fab supporters. Melbourne is quite a way from Perth but I hope you can hear me cheering from here. All the very best comrade!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Dear Sam,

    Heartfelt congratulations from comrades in the Philippines.

    We know of your record as a committed international solidarity activist and we also know that all our struggles are stronger as a result of your victory.

    Mabuhay Sosyalismo!

    Reihana and Sonny

    Partido Lakas ng Masa -- Filipinas

  38. Hello Sam,

    Congratulations on your election victory. What a wonderful example for us here in Canada--a member of a fighting union, the MUA, able to bring the voice of working people into the hallowed halls of elected government. The working class people of Hilton Ward now have a true fighter on their side.

    During my visits to Melbourne and Sydney in 2007 and 2009 respectively, I was impressed with the spirit and determination of the trade union fighters that I met, including yourself. Thanks for the inspiration. We will make your victory known far and wide.

    Roger Annis
    Member, International Association of Machinists
    Vancouver, Canada

  39. Congratulations Sam.

    Your victory in Fremantle is an inspirations for socialists across Australia.

    Raise the red flag high.

    In solidarity
    Rupen Savoulian
    Sydney West Socialist Alliance

  40. Hi Sam

    From the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, we send congratulations to you and all your hard working supporters. There are many lessons from your campaign we can apply here and we can aspire to, one day, emulating your spectacular win.

    Enjoy the victory, and we'll be cheering you on in your new role as Councillor!!

    Natalie and Stuart

  41. You're an inspiration, Sam, and so is the Socialist Alliance. We're spreading the news of your victory on our side of the Tasman. Kia kaha. Grant Morgan, Auckland, New Zealand

  42. A historic victory for a socialist future! Congratulations to Sam and the Socialist Alliance in WA. Very inspirational work. Now the hard work begins.

    Simon Butler, Green Left Weekly

  43. Congratulations Sam. Today Freo, tomorrow....

  44. Congratulations to Sam and all the Socialist Alliance comrades. Indeed a victory for all the left forces. This is a small but important sign of coming victories!

    Farooq Sulehria. Labour Party Pakistan

  45. Heartfelt congratulations from the Socialist Alliance national conveners, to candidate Sam and campaign manager Justine! Your win proves that socialists can win people's support. Not by soft-pedalling our socialist convictions, but by showing in practice how to support working people and communities in their struggles and concerns, and how to build unity. Plus a huge amount of organisation and sweat! A big step forward for socialism, and for the Socialist Alliance as we head towards our Seventh National Conference.
    Bea, Margie and Dick

  46. Dear Sam and Comrades,

    Huge congratulations on your significant win-may there be many more!

    Best wishes

    Kathleen Scott, Sydney SA

  47. Congratulations to Sam Wainright and the Socialist Alliance! When I visited Perth earlier this year, I was very impressed by you comrades effective involvement in the trade unions and in the climate crisis movement. I'm confident that this victory will be used to further build the struggle for workers' rights and against capitalist destruction. Your work is setting an example for revolutionaries around the world!
    Ian Angus
    Climate and Capitalism

  48. Many congratulations from Edinburgh, Scotland.

  49. Sam and the comrades who worked in the campaign, Is this the start of a return to the historic days of the Red West... go comrades. Our challenge in the east now is to match your result. Jill Hickson ARTV

  50. To Sam and all WA comrades,

    Many congratulations. No doubt this is the result of much work, and not just by Sam. Looking forward to following the progress of WA's first socialist councillor in GLW.

    All the best,

    Graham and Vivian
    Sydney west SA

  51. Congratulation to comrade Sam and Socialist Alliance in winning the first local governmnet position. We hope this can be give a boost to stengthen the struggle to defeat capitalism and building a better world.

    Warmest regards,
    Choo Chon Kai
    International Bureau, Socialist Party of Malaysia (PSM)

  52. May the spirits of Paddy Troy smile upon you!

  53. PSM is extremely happy and delighted with the victory of Sam Wainwright from Socialist Alliance who won the Hilton Ward of Fremantle Council.

    This victory is an important yardstick to SA and its work.We hope this would pave the way for more victories as we realise that is is extremely difficult for socialist to win elections in Australia.

    In Malaysia, local election has been suspended after the left made significant gains in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Today PSM holds three council positions which are appointed positions. We have called for local government elections to these seats and are embarking on a campaign on this. We feel that Sam's victory is more meaningful than the three appointed seats that we possess beause it an endorsement by the people.

    We hope this victory will surge futher advances and create furhter momentum to advance the struggle of the working people in Australia and to help built the SA in our effort to make this a better world.

    Secretary General.

  54. Congratulations!

    From Glasgow, Scotland.

  55. Tim Gooden, Sue Bull, Lisa Gleeson, Chris JohnsonOctober 23, 2009 at 12:58 PM

    Brilliant Effort Comrades
    from the Geelong Soviet

  56. Congratulations comrades, a victory in a great tradition.
    The first socialists were elected to local government in 1939 when Fred Paterson won a seat in Townsville and Jim Henderson in Wangaratta for the Communist Party. In 1944 the CPA held a majority on the Kearsley Shire Council near Cessnock in NSW. Tom Wright and Ron Maxwell were elected to Sydney Council in the 1950s. My earliest political memories include seeing TV ads for the 1967 re-election campaign of Bill Flynn and Bill Whiley in Broken Hill. They served on council until 1974 for 21 and 12 years respectively. More info at
    Well done!
    Steve O'Brien, Newcastle